10 de marzo de 2014

Si a mediados de febrero pudimos escuchar los avances de “Kiss Me Once”, hoy nos ofrecen todo el álbum a siete días de su lanzamiento oficial…

Ha sido el propio The Guardian el que ha puesto a disposición de los lectores de su blog musical todos los temas del 12º álbum de estudio de Kylie Minogue para pedir su opinión sobre el mismo.

Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once

Y nosotras nos hacemos eco de la noticia para pediros lo mismo ¿Qué pensáis de la nueva propuesta de Kylie? ¿Os convencen sus colaboraciones con Sia, Stargate y Pharrell?

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1hXHToe5qWA escribió el 07-abr-2015 a las 10:09:
it when he wasnt even dating her. I just want the sweet and cainrg..who can be a bad a$$ if he wanted to..get the girl! Having lucas and Kylie end up together is just common something that almost all stories seem to have the the bad boy/wolf gets the girl boring!! Derek deserves kylie because he accepts her for what she is..and when he volunteered to be her shadow and she asked why ..he said it was becasue he rather hurt around her and know she is safe then knowing she could be in danger oh sweet is that! Plus most of the time it seems like Kylie would want to be a werewolf and lucas wants her to be one..thats not fair to make Kylie something she doesnt want to be! Also, Derek was the one who saved her first from the lion and later at the zoo..somehow people who are roooting for Lucas seems to forget the Derek saved her life first. Lastly just because two people have history like lucas and Kylie doesnt mean they should end up wasn\'t even a long history they just knew each other when they were little for a small amount of time! Also, for those who say why you would want to be with someone who reminds you of your ex Kylie only mentioned that at the beginnning in the first book about Derek..after that she never mentions it again! So really that can\'t be an excuse on why she shouldnt be with Derek because she thinks he hotter and better than her ex and she stopped saying he reminded her of her ex! Anyway I\'ll shut up now but Derek and Kylie would be amazing together and they should be given that chance!TEAM DEREK
cw4dOj4QwX escribió el 03-abr-2015 a las 12:35:
Hmm Team Derek! He is so in love with Kylie, i doesn\'t matter who claeld off. He cares about her as herself not what she is and that is important while Lucas maybe hott he wants her to be werewolf more than he loves her. Derek broke it off with Kylie cause she pushed him away not because he was a jerk, he just loves her so much he couldn\'t be pushed away. And Derek is pretty hot and is a total sweet heart while Lucas is just hot and protective and stupid. Derek may look like Trey but Kylie should get over him its old news, and Derek is better and less pushy. Kylie just doesn\'t know what she wants- a sweet guy who loves her as she is..or a werewolf who loves her but wants he to be like him major difference. being protective and caring are way different things they both are protective but Derek is both he loves her as a friend and something more. So i say Go DEREk! but i am not saying theres bad things about Lucas i just do not like bad boys who call their Ex\'s instead of their girlfriends. Maybe he and his Ex will get together since he totally still hung up on her. Lucas is hott and blue eyed but it doesn\'t helpt the fact he is selfish about have a pureblood line, if you cared about someone enough you wouldnt care. Gosh and noo Lucas so totally doesnt understand Kylie like Derek does. Eventhough is emotion changing can be wierd he wouldnt do anything like that to Kylie..and she needs to unwad her panties cause she is so uptight about everything just go for Derek or whatever CC desides to do with the story (possibly a super duper new hot guy?) haha but full on team Derek ya\'ll [url=]vjhtlhbli[/url] [link=]vascdnz[/link]
iUFPCRceO0ez escribió el 01-abr-2015 a las 12:46:
I remember the first time I got my barns and nboles gift card and I walked in(I\'d never been to that book store before) and I had no idea what books I was going to buy. I knew right away when I saw that Carrie Jone\'s newest book, Entice, was out and I had to buy it. Then, as I was walking down the aisles of books I spotted this book. It was dark in color, purple, and the name kind of stood out to me so I picked it up. Turning it around I came face to face for the first time with Born at Midnight. Immediately I flipped it over and read every word on the back. I didn\'t have enough money to get the both of them but I knew I wanted Entice and something told me I needed to buy Born at Midnight so I convinced my mother to put in the extra money. Needless to say, she allowed it and I walked home beaming with joy from the two books I received. I finished Entice that day and decided I would wait till the next day to read Born at Midnight because I have this terrible habit of reading it too quickly and having this aching feeling of loss when I finish a book. I started reading Born at midnight the next day and I just couldn\'t seem to put the book down. The story was so captivating and I was automatically hooked. When I found that the next book had come out some time later (after stalking this website and a few others;) I practically forced my mother to the book store and she bought that one for me as well. By this time the series basically entrapped me and I bought Taken at Dusk myself as soon as it came out. I just wanted to share my little story about how I was pulled into the stories you\'ve managed to someone create in such a way it consumes my thoughts. It\'s torture to wait for Whispers at Moonrise to come out! I also wanted to let you know that the cover for Chosen at Nightfall is very beautiful. I love your stories and thank you for creating them because without it lot\'s of people would be lacking a wonderful escape from reality ^.^
AbrMkr30 escribió el 31-mar-2015 a las 13:49:
Unlike everyone here, I am not in love with both guys. I am team Derek fully and coemlptely. I don\'t care for Lucas at all. A lot of the times he annoyed me. Yeah Lucas is hot and all but his personality and the way he acts just doesn\'t attract me. And on top of that his pack and family only want werewolf in their bloodline which Kylie is not. It\'s just too much drama and it will only cause drama. Even if he did choose Kylie over the pack it would cause strain on the family, stress Lucas out, and therefore cause their relationship to struggle. He also did not defend Kylie instead of fredericka. Ellie even called him out for it and told Kylie she chose the wrong guy and that Derek would never do that to Kylie. I agree with Ellie one hundred percent. It doesn\'t seem like Lucas knows what he wants. On the otherhand, Derek is coemlptely head over heels for her and even told her. He\'s so sweet and caring and accepts Kylie no matter what. He knows how to deal with her better than Lucas does. He understands more and even though he can feel everything she does (which could get annoying at times) it\'s still better in the long run. Kylie to me seems more attracted to Derek anyways. They go better together and its like I can feel how she feels when she\'s with him. Kylie cares a lot about Lucas but I think it\'s more in a friend way but then there\'s passion thrown onto it just cuz she thinks he\'s hot. But that\'s not enough. Derek is cute, sweet, caring, and just so much more attractive and mature. Even though he left Kylie and rejected her that one time, I still feel like he\'s more mature than Lucas just on the fact that he can handle anything Kylie has to offer. Lucas kept pushing for wanting Kylie to be werewolf and it pissed me off and got me really annoyed. Lucas is nice if you want a hookup but Derek is the one. I swear if CC does not have Kylie choose Derek I will die and be so disappointed in the ending of the books. This series is amazing but if the ending isn\'t what I want it will ruin everything. So go team Derek!!!(:
Yoppp escribió el 12-mar-2014 a las 15:21:
Buenisimos, la mayoria son temas bailables y extribillos maravillosos, kylie ha vuelto como siempre por la puerta grande. Deseo mi CD ya!

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